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What Is ‘Life Fitness’?

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Life fitness is a holistic approach to wellbeing. Whilst it is common to concentrate on physical fitness, working out or going for a walk each day is just one of the three areas that affect our life fitness. The three areas are body, mind and spirit. Whilst they may seem like separate entities, they are actually all very closely related and each one can have a profound positive or negative affect on the other two.

Physical Fitness

Our physical fitness is probably the hardest area to maintain. It requires time and discipline to work out regularly, jog, go to the gym or walk. We need to eat healthy foods and watch our weight. Poor fitness or an unhealthy diet can lead to all sorts of problems such as lung diseases, heart disease, diabetes and many other complications that are all related to our physical health.

Poor fitness and especially excessive weight can affect the health of our mind. Low self esteem, lack of confidence and a general dissatisfaction with our appearance are very common issues that demonstrate a relationship with physical fitness and mental health.

We can improve our physical health with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Don’t go all out though, particularly if you have not exercised in some years. Physical fitness is not

Mental Fitness

When we talk about mental health we usually think of people who have mental diseases or ailments. Mental health is also about having a positive outlook and being able to react appropriately to problems and difficulties we might have from time to time rather than being cynical or depressed. Everyone has times in their lives that challenge our outlook on life in general and a person with a healthy mind is able to confront and overcome those challenges.

We often talk about ‘closure’ or the ability to ‘move on’ and most of us know at least one person who has allowed a bad situation to consume their spirit and their outlook on life. A healthy mind will allow you to look into the future rather than dwelling on the past.

We can improve the health of our mind by being a student of life. Learning new skills or studying history perhaps. Be aware of the inevitable so you are prepared for it. The truth is that everyones life is a combination of opportunity mixed with difficulty. It is important to recognize the opportunities and be prepared for the difficulties.

Spiritual Fitness

Generally speaking, we relate spirituality to religion. However, we don’t confine spiritual fitness to those who believe in a particular god or religion. Spiritual health is how you feel about who you are. It is how you feel about the meaning of YOUR  life. There is a time that almost all of us will take a pause and ponder our life. We think about why we exist, what we have done and who we have become. For some people it can be quite a profound experience, but for most it is a time that we sometimes take to briefly reflect on who we are.

We can improve our spiritual well being by knowing who we are and thinking about who we want to become.

Life always works a little bit better with a plan!

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